segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009


Where can I be?

I can’t find a way out

I’m locked up inside a box full of feelings and lies

I keep spining in a cycle of downright nonsenses

I’m going insane

Only I have the power to get away

I want to get away

I will get away

But then I’m lonely

No more feelings to keep me company

And I back the courage

I can’t get away

I will never get away.


I need him to stop

But he keeps going, he keeps burning

I can’t back away, I can’t hide

So I have to face the incertitude that he brings to me

And a war that I can’t won takes place

I ask for the gods help

But even the gods fear him

He is the cure for all the evil in the world

And the destruction of all the good in it

The suffering no longer bothers me

My life is shorter by the second, the minute the hour…

He will never stop.

quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008

My Angel

See all the light succumb to his darkness,

May your fire destroy all my memories,

Embrace me, oh powerful one,

I can feel your greatness in my being,

Dry my veins and fill them with hate,

No regrets, no love, no attachments, just you in me,

Let the flames begin to grow inside,

Yes i can see it, the prefection in destrution,

All that i ever despise is now my path,

My eternal devotion to you my angel of darkness


terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008


Why do you run away when you are close?

Why do you hide your eyes when I’m looking at them?

Why is my presence such a constraint to you?

Why do my kisses burn your skin?

Why do I feel that you don´t want me around?

Stop it,

Stop the excuses for not being with me,

Stop to hide your eyes, that are everything to me,

Stop act like you do not want my kisses,

Tell me you need me around,

Free yourself from your prison,

I’m where, waiting... 


Please, do me a favour

Remember all the bad things I ever did to you,

The times I wasn´t there for you

The times that I didn’t talk to you

The times I made you cry

The times I didn’t say what you needed to hear

The times that I didn´t show just how much I care for you

For all that I’M SORRY...


Please, do me a favour

Remember all the good things I did with you,

The times I was there for you

The times we talk and share thoughts together

The times I made you smile

The times I told you just how special you are

The times that without saying I reveal my love for you

For all that, ARE YOU SORRY?

For the Heart I once had

I can see dark in the light;

I can taste all the bad feelings in me,

It dries my throat and burns my tongue;

I need a empty thought,

I need to release all my fears

I need to embrace reality,

In the end all I need is you.

I’m right next to you,

I’m there to see you cry and smile,

I’m slave to a feeling that shouldn´t exist,

I’m attached to a pain that doesn’t go away,

You are the key to paradisus and the way to infernus,

Let me see light in the dark.

To whisper

I long for an angel,

A guiding angel to show me the way;

I’m thirst of knowledge;

I need to know what my soul is there for;

I need the question and the answer;

It all converges in a dark place...

What am I?

I’m the scoundrel of my soul,

I’m the sacrifice that needs to be done,

I’m the innocent that has to pay,

I’m the infection, infecting myself,

I’m the one that self-worshiped my failure,

I’m my worst nightmare,

I’m just a good boy...